RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Meetion MK01


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  • Lucency injection keycap wear-proof and high light transmittance.
  • High-quality macro mechanical switch.
  • RGB chroma backlit customizable.
  • Quick multimedia function FN + combination.
  • Convertible W, S, A, D and ↑,↓,←,→.
  • 64-grade e-sports game chips.
  • Full page fully automatic SMT solution.
  • Full key Anti-ghosting.

Customize the lighting effect
FN+1 gaming mode 1(FPS) A, S, D, W, ←↓→↓Esc (Illuminated)
FN+2 gaming mode 2(CF) A, S, D, W, Ctrl, Shift, Alt, R, G, Q, E, B, 1~5, Tab, F1~F3, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, PrtSc (Illuminated)
FN+3 gaming mode 3(COD) Q, W, E, R, T, A, S, D,F, G, C, V, 1~7, Ctrl, Shift (Illuminated).
FN+4 gaming mode 4(RTS) Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, G, X, Z, F, K, L, H, M, N, U, Y, T, P, 1~0, Ctrl, Shift, Alt (Illuminated).
FN+5 game model 5(LOL) Q, W, E, R, D, G, F, B, V, Ctrl, Alt, Tab, 1~6, Esc (Illuminated).
FN+6 gaming mode 6(car race) A, S, D, W, R, ←↓→↓Ctrl, Shift, Alt (Illuminated)
FN+7 gaming mode 7(NBA) A, F, S, W, R, E, ←↑→↓Z, X, C, V, 1~4 (Illuminated)
FN+8 game mode 8(LOL) Q, W, E, R, D, F, B, 1~6 (Illuminated)
FN+9 user-defined 1
FN+0 user-defined 2


In stock

  • All keys anti-ghosting, with 12 functional keys
  • Multimedia function keys
  • OUTEMU Blue Switch
  • Backlit Support (Without backlit, One color backlit, RGB)
  • Lighting effects (Wave, Marquee, Breath, Static, Reaction and more)
  • Support all the language- US Version (Double injection keycaps), UK Version (Laser the character), Brazil Version (Laser the character)






Anti-Ghosting  full keys
Qty of Shortcut Buttons  12
Keyboard Type  Mechanical Blue switch
OS Compatibility  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10  MAC OS X
Error-free Running Time  More than 50 million times
Interface  Gold-Plating USB
Wire Length  180 ± 1 cm
Weight  930±5g
Dimensions  approx. 440*160*42 mm

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